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Aileen Anne Brannigan




The work is beautifully designed and crafted to expose the natural beauty and hidden depths of Irish stone and marble.

Hand carved detailing and finely sanded surfaces each piece is a work of art to be treasured.

Working in stone since 1982 when she began a four year apprenticeship Aileen Anne went on to study letter carving in Wales and London and gained on the job experience on many public art projects in Ireland the UK and Canada, before setting up her own workshop in 2005.



Aileen-Anne works from her studio workshop at her home in Kilkenny city or from Kilkenny & Irish Marble Workshop in Castlewarren, where she often collaborates with Donal & Thomas McDonald to create gift and presentation pieces.


Her work is varied and exciting sometimes creating sculpture for public art or commemorative work, often working on an individual headstone, or making her animal sculptures, poetry standing stones, or small owls and birds. 


A large part of the work involves lettering in stone this is hand drawn and and hand carved, painstaking work but hugely rewarding.


Her animal sculptures are innocent and tactile a must for the discerning collector.

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